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I know, nothing really thought provoking lately...but ah well, I haven't had time to sit down long enough to do so. I still haven't written up my bday/Christmas/New Year's post. Yikes.

Riverside is moving on up...we now have a boba place at the University Village. Woo hoo. =) Kinda pricey though! Most drinks start at $2.45, but what can you do? In addition to boba, you can add coconut jelly, pudding, or crystal to your drinks. Umm, what's crystal? o_O

I've got three weeks to clean up my apt a bit before they fumigate. (They'll be entering the apts to double check stuff.) I've already spent the money I got for the fumigation. All $125 in one shot! Eeek. Fast spender aren't I? Heh. =) And no, it wasn't on a GameCube. (Hi James! I's been awhile! =/ Will write soon.) I didn't spend a single penny of it on myself though! *winks to a certain fellow with a bday coming up* ;)

Hallmark does not have a card for everything. I was trying to find a particular type of birthday card, but no such luck. Maybe I'm just too picky. Heh. I did leave with two cards in hand, but not for the person I was trying to find a card for...person being Louie's mom. Nothing seemed to jump out at me. I'll try the Hallmark in Moreno Valley tomorrow.

Dear cutie patootie niece Aimee is a Girls Scout now. So guess who will be pedalling Girl Scout cookies for her next year? ;P LOL. For school, she's selling chocolate and stuff right now and showed me the brochure before she even walked inside the door to our house. Hehe. And she made sure to tell me that I had to pay with real money. No play money! Drats! Hehe. She's so cute. =)

Chinese New Year is just weeks away and you know what? I'm not all too excited about it. It's been different ever since my grandfather passed away. Now that my mom doesn't have to stay home to take care of him, she and my dad have been taking trips during Chinese New Year. One year it was Vietnam. Last year it was China. This year they are going to China again, but on a different tour. So the house will be empty during Chinese New Year. They leave on Thursday night, I think, and are gonna visit everyone on Wednesday before they leave. Due to school though, I will miss out on this and all the yummy food my mom makes. Doh! I've been missing out on some of yummy food my mom has been whipping up. Just a few weeks ago I missed out on her curry stew! I can't remember the last time I had it. =( I was around for the curry stir fried crab and banh xeo though! Mmmmm. =)

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