Sarah (popsicletoes) wrote,

"Do you guys have any idea what it feels like to be as blessed as I've been? You can't imagine how different it is from my angle. I feel as if I'm standing in a valley looking up at the most beautiful faces I've ever seen, and I'm wishing that those that are looking down at me are feeling as sublime as I am; and as I stand there, I realize that the faces that I'm looking at belong to all of you." -- Harry Connick, Jr.

And THAT is the reason why I love the man so much. Is he not just the greatest?!?

  • (no subject)

    We miss you Marvin. Watch over Donna, she loves and misses you greatly. Marvin Olson May 10, 1968 - August 25, 2004

  • Dayam

    The last SuperLotto jackpot ticket on Saturday came from fricken Monterey the 99 Ranch down the street from me! I really ought to start…

  • OMG

    Margaret Cho is filming the LA shows for the next DVD!!!!!!!!

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