Lot of people writing about the events of last year today. Who really wants to be reminded though and get sucked in to the sadness all over again? I will just remember...say a prayer...and continue with my day.

On a happy note...Happy birthday to Harry Connick Jr. He's 35 today. :)

Too cute

Louie's dad is so cute. He called me to get my address to send me an invite to something and he goes, "Hello Sarah? This is dad." Too cute. And then he ends the call with, "I'll see you there. I miss you. Bye." Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Inu Yasha is coming out on DVD! *dances for joy* Not that I can afford it right now or haven't already watched the first 40 episodes...but it's just nice to know it's out when I'm done with what I have and want to see the rest. :)

Holier than than people can kiss my ass!

The nerve of some people...I swear! Yesterday was yet another Will and Grace taping. Last week someone on a W&G board had gone to the bathroom after the taping by the set that was by the cast parking and wound up meeting some of the people. So...light bulb goes off for us Harry freaks. We did get to talk to him last week, but it was beyond noisy on the set. So we try last night but got busted by the pages and was told to tun around. Someone else on the W&G board was there last night and did the bathroom thing and didn't get caught. So I was like..."how did you do it? They made us turn back." So holier than thou W&G person from last week made a comment. Saying we really shouldn't try the bathroom thing because if the catch you they'll call security and they are psycho about things like that because of a prior bomb scare. And I'm umm..WTF? You did the exact same thing last week! Don't give me that crap about being an extra. She did the extra work the day prior and was in the audience on a general admin ticket like the rest of us. Some fricken ass nerve!
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Yada yada yada

Must get site back up. Must find job. Must clean. Must work on my sister's site to get paid! Must do lots of crap. :P

Another W&G taping this Tuesday. :) And we have shirts made for it this time too! Heh.

Possible payment for a website job. Maybe. Louie's dad knows someone that wants to set one up to sell some odds and ends of things she sells at swap meets. So we shall see. :)

What a wonderful night

W&G taping was unbelievably long. But it was great. Harry was great even if only in one scene. And the other two celebs there were hilarious. Great time...great time. Can't wait for next week. ;)